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Interior Services

Interior Detail Cleaning

A complete cleaning of the entire interior of the aircraft including the following:​

  • Headliner, side, decorative, and window panels throughout

  • Shampoo all carpet and upholstery

  • Clean and recondition all leather

  • Polish all wood and wood veneers

  • Clean all mirrors, Plexiglass and windows

  • Clean entry steps and baggage area


  • Clean and organize all drawers, pull and clean behind drawers

  • Clean and sanitize ice bins, drains

  • Clean and disinfect in and behind trash bin

  • Clean oven/microwave

  • Clean dishes and coffee pots

  • Clean and polish sink


  • Clean and organize all drawers

  • Clean and polish sink

  • Clean and disinfect toilet bowl

  • Clean and polish service ledges and tables

  • Clean and organize all storage areas, cabinets and magazine racks

  • Clean trash cans- replace liners if necessary

Linen Service

  • Dry clean/wash linens, pillows and curtains, if desired.


  • Clean all instrument panels

  • Apply anti-static to screens

  • Clean drink holders, storage compartments

  • Remove all trash

  • Clean all seat track areas

Wood Revitalization

  • Revitalize dull and dried finishes

  • Rework veneered surfaces to provide a uniform appearance 

  • Wipe all woodwork

  • Vacuum carpets and upholstery

  • Clean all mirrors, Plexiglas and windows throughout exterior

  • Spot clean exterior

  • Remove bugs on nose

  • Clean exhaust track area

  • Clean windows

Quick Turnaround Service

  • A light surface cleaning, designed to enhance the appearance of the aircraft for departure which includes interior cleaning and wood revitalization 

  • Wipe all woodwork

  • Vacuum carpets and upholstery 

  • Clean all mirrors and Plexiglass

  • Clean all windows throughout exterior

  • Spot clean exterior

  • Remove bugs on nose

  • Clean exhaust track area

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