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exterior services 

Regular Wash

Exterior wash of the aircraft to remove dirt, grease, oil, etc. Clean windows, wipe down bright work and hand dry aircraft. All landing gear is covered and protected for winter application. 

Paint Reconditioning and Polish

Revitalize old, dull, or oxidized paint. Process includes machine buffing of painted surfaces with a special non abrasive compound to remove embedded dirt and oxidation, followed by a Teflon sealant to protect the paint and leave a long lasting shine. 

Cleaning, Stripping, and Polishing Boots

Process includes cleaning and/or stripping boots, if necessary, followed by polishing with a product specifically designed to restore, protect and leave a high-gloss shine. 

Bright Work Polishing

Polishing all bright work on aircraft. Scratch removal also available. Xylon Protection can be added by request. 

Hand Wipe Down

Hand wipe down exterior to remove bugs, dirt, grease, oil, etc. partial or complete wipe down available.

Hand Wipe Down and Polish

Two-step process includes wipe down to remove bugs, dirt, grease, oil, etc., followed by spray wax of painted surfaces. 

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