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Meet The Jet Fast Team!


Vincent Scimeca



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Darren Rispoli


Director of Daily Operations


Rosemarie Rispoli


 Director of Corporate Operations

My aviation experience began 40 years ago, cleaning and detailing aircraft. I always had a passion for aviation, and decided I wanted to pursue my dream of owning my own business. In 1990, I started Jet Fast Cleaning Services with only 4 employees including myself. Today, I have grown the company to over 100 employees at multiple locations. I have expanded my business from working only in a couple of airports to now 15 different airports, 4 of which are out of the tri-state area. At Jet Fast we take pride in taking care of our employees and clients. I have many employees who have been with me for the 30 years I’ve been in business. As a business owner, I am known for always putting my employees and clients first. Aside from working, I enjoy boating and spending time with my family at the shore. 

My career started with Jet Fast 30 years ago when the company was first established. I have been employed in the aviation industry for over 35 years. My primary responsibilities at Jet Fast are managing, developing, and implementing an operational plan to ensure all procedures are carried out appropriately and effectively. I have daily interaction supervising all staff members from different departments while planning and monitoring business operations to ensure smooth progress and productivity. Another important responsibility of my job is collaborating with my superiors to make decisions for daily operational activities and setting strategic goals. Jet Fast has allowed me to bring my talents to new levels, and grow our business as a result. At Jet Fast, we are more than just an aircraft detailing company, we are a company that aims to innovate and serve the aviation community as a leader. 

I started with Jet Fast 30 years ago when we first opened for business, and have more than 35 years of experience in the aviation industry.  I am responsible for overseeing and managing “all things” operational that enable us to serve our clients - from account processing to human resources. I have had various roles at Jet Fast and I find myself very committed to this company. Through this company, I have learned the many aspects of business aviation and have excelled through my hard work and dedication. I am known for my great work ethic, no nonsense attitude, calm demeanor and I am proud to put my talents to work at Jet Fast. I’ve helped the company grow to where it is now, and I’m excited to watch us grow in the years to come. In my spare time you can find me traveling, at the beach, spending time with my sons, my family and my friends.

Gianna Scimeca


Director of Marketing

I started with Jet Fast while I was still in college doing marketing and campaigns for the company. I studied Marketing and Sales at the University of Delaware and graduated in 2018. I’m responsible for creating content for our website, and managing our social media pages. I also assist in promoting Jet Fast’s new services to clients. I aspire to help the company grow even further through my marketing efforts. I’m proud to be a part of a company that takes pride in its employees, and has grown tremendously since it first started.

Joe Corforte


 General Manager of Airport Operations

I’ve been a part of the Jet Fast Cleaning family for 6 years now. During my first 4 years with Jet Fast, I managed our customer’s commissary. These past 2 years I’ve been working directly with each and every manager on quality control, safety in and around the aircraft, and safety in the general workplace. I’m well known for my organization skills and mechanical abilities so operations can continue to run smoothly. I pride myself in my ability to think outside the box, and visualize situations to keep things running safely and efficiently. A few things that hold a place in my heart are my wife, daughter, family, friends and my love for the outdoors.

James Edwards


Manager at Charlotte Douglass Airport

I started my career with Jet Fast at Stewart Airport in 2017. I am originally from Liverpool, England but I have lived in New York for 9 years. Jet Fast has given me the opportunity to relocate to our newest location in Charlotte, NC, and I’m very excited for this new venture. I'm grateful Jet Fast has allowed me to take my talents to our newest location, and open doors to new ways of growing our business.  


Gabriel Meneses


Manager of Long Island Operations

Fernando Irizarry


Manager at Westchester County Airport

Mike Gonzalez


 Manager at Stewart Airport

I joined the Jet Fast team 18 years ago, and have worked in the aviation industry for 26 years. My customer service, teamwork, and problem solving skills have allowed me to flourish in my role as Manager. I always strive to have the best attitude in my work and personal life. My willingness to confront adversity and take on new responsibilities is part of what makes me successful in my role. My philosophy on work life is that if my company prospers, the employees will too. I’m married with three children and in my free time, I enjoy traveling, working on my house, watching sports and cooking. 

I started my career with Jet Fast 30 years ago when we first opened for business, and I have been passionate about the aviation industry ever since. Jet Fast has driven me to grow and build a successful career in aviation. I have a steady source of motivation which allows me to always strive to do my best. As a manager, I am passionate about my work and always encourage others to reach their full potential. I’m responsible for organizing terminal operations and procedures, as well as employee development. I provide orientations and training for new employees, coordinate schedules, and recruit candidates. At the terminal, I handle customer inquiries to maintain a safe and secure working environment. I allocate tasks and assignments to subordinates and monitor their performance. I take pride in my excellent communication skills and ensure people have the right information to drive better results.

I started with Jet Fast 5 years ago and have been in the aircraft detailing industry for 33 years. I enjoy working in the aviation industry and Jet Fast has allowed me to dive deeper into my passion for this industry. My specialty is interior detailing and as Manager, I am passionate about teaching my employees the ins and outs of detailing. Aside from work, I collect watches as a hobby. I’ve been married for 21 years and have one brother and 2 sisters. My family means everything to me. 


Thomas Rusin


 Manager at Teterboro Airport

As Operations Manager at Teterboro Airport, I have the pleasure of working side-by-side with mechanics to address any concerns and ensure the health and safety of our clients. I consider myself open to new ideas as times evolve quickly. Before I started my career with Jet Fast, I was the owner of a car detailing company and Fedex route. These jobs have prepared me for what I do today, as well as the past 14 years in the aviation industry. I am a single dad who loves family time and the great outdoors. 

Mario Ramirez


 Manager at Trenton Airport

I started my career with Jet Fast since they first opened for business. Jet Fast has allowed me to grow in my professional life as well as my personal life.  As a Manager, I enjoy learning new things and educating my employees. I always strive to help my company grow and always put my best effort into whatever I do. In my free time, I enjoy playing soccer and other outdoor activities. 


Juan E. Sanchez


Manager at Morristown Airport


I have worked in the aviation industry since 1996, and started with Jet Fast in 1999. I’m responsible for the overall operations and business development at Morristown Airport. I have grown in this business and I’m constantly driven by my passion for aircraft. I have built a successful career in aviation through Jet Fast with my hard work and determination. I enjoy what I do, and even my son always tells me I have the coolest job. Jet Fast Cleaning Services has given me the opportunity to grow as a leader in not only my professional life, but also my personal life. I’m very proud to be a part of this company. At Jet Fast we are more than a team we are a family. In my free time, I enjoy spending time with my wife Susy and my son EJ. I also enjoy reading and traveling which are other passions of mine.


Fernando Calderon 


Manager at Trenton Airport

I started my career with Jet Fast in 2013, and ever since then I’ve been committed to this company as well as the aviation industry. I am now the manager of Trenton-Mercer Airport and I’m very grateful and excited for this new opportunity. Jet Fast has allowed me to enhance my talents as a detailer and a manager. I go to work everyday with a great attitude and mentality. I’m dedicated to growing our business and growing as a person along with it. 


Victor Rodriquez


 Manager at New Castle Airport

I started my career with Jet Fast 5 years ago, and have worked at multiple airports. I worked at Northeast Philadelphia Airport and Philadelphia International Airport. During my 5 years at Jet Fast, my aircraft detailing skills enhanced tremendously. Aside from work, I love to play soccer. I also love spending time with my wife Gloria and my 2 daughters-Nichelle who is 10 years old and Giselle who is 2 years old.  

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