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Jet fast Sanitizing Service 

Our new service is the application of an antimicrobial liquid spray called SiArmor!

While Jet Fast Cleaning Services has an exceptional reputation of cleaning and disinfecting for over 30 years, we are evolving to provide better health and safety practices for our clients. Due to the recent COVID-19 pandemic, our team has taken necessary actions to ensure our clients' health and safety, as it is our top priority. Our team is uniquely prepared during these unprecedented times to clean and disinfect with top of the line products in the industry. Our extensive research and experience with these products has allowed us to distinguish the most effective ones.



What is SiArmor and what are its benefits?

SiArmor is an invisible layer of protection mitigating germs, bacteria, viruses & fungi. It provides a 6-step process that ensures all surfaces are disinfected and protected.It has an antimicrobial protectant in a liquid spray and remains up to 3 months or until abraded off. SiArmor is proven to break down breeding grounds for viruses and unsanitary conditions. A recent independent study found that our SiArmor Hand Gel kills COVID-19 in 60 seconds at a 99% kill rate!

Jet Fast is an exclusive service provider for this product

Our employees are thoroughly trained on how to use this product

SiArmor has been around for 50 years

We provide a SiArmor Hand Gel (alcohol free) as pictured, which protects hands for 4 hours

Hand Gel is FDA approved

EPA approved disinfectants

Follows CDC cleaning standards

Certified Organic products

Microfiber Wiping to clean all sensitive surfaces 

Bacteria/ Germ control through ATP testing before and after process 

Provides a coating that destroys microbes that it comes in contact with 

How does it work?


Since SiArmor is exclusive to Jet Fast, it truly sets our company apart from the rest of the aviation sector. As Jet Fast is one of the leading aircraft detailers in the industry, we are proud to have rights to use a product that will truly make a difference. This product delivers exceptional results, and can be used on your aircraft, offices, hangars and equipment. Let us show you the Jet Fast Difference! 


This certificate is provided upon completion

Experience the Jet Fast Difference: 


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